Company Overview

ALR Technologies Inc. (OTCBB: ALRT) is a healthcare technology company focused on improving treatment outcomes through enhanced patient monitoring leading to more timely and effective treatment interventions.

The company has developed the ALRT Diabetes Management Solution, a large-scale HIPAA-compliant diabetes management system that combines three proprietary features: A1C forecasting, insulin dose adjustment, and performance monitoring in a dashboard-based platform to enable care teams, medical organizations and healthcare systems to deliver best practice diabetes care to large patient populations and significantly reduce the cost of care.

The FDA-cleared, HIPAA-compliant ALRT software platform extracts patient data directly from blood glucose readings and the Insulin Dose Adjustment feature analyzes the data and the patient’s current insulin prescription against established dosing guidelines. ALRT’s patent pending Predicative A1C gives healthcare providers an accurate indication of A1C levels between lab tests so they can make timely adjustments to patient treatment plans.

The platform gives healthcare providers the ability to manage large scale populations effectively and ensure best practices are followed in each treatment plan with competitive pricing. The ALRT Diabetes Management Solution can be used reliably on an enterprise scale to implement best practice diabetes care and track adherence in order to achieve target outcomes and contain costs. ALRT is now making “best in class” diabetes testing supplies available in a comprehensive package with its management platform and diagnostic tools.