Effective chronic care management for human and animal health.

We develop solutions for sustainably providing measurable health information, enabling frequent patient/provider interactions. Our technology enhances adherence-to-care-plans, improving outcomes and containing healthcare costs.

Human Health

Our technology provides a comprehensive solution for diabetes management enhancing adherence-to-care-plans, improving outcomes, and containing healthcare costs

Animal Health

We solve gaps in medical care by utilizing technology to revolutionizing glucose monitoring and diabetes management for pets

Connecting clinicians and patients.

Our diabetes management solutions shift the current patient self-care model to a more effective and efficient active patient management model by connecting the clinicians, patients, testing supplies, and health data together through our groundbreaking technology

Multi-market glucose monitoring solution.

We adapted our diabetes management solution to serve the desperate need in animal health for better glucose testing and monitoring by offering the GluCurve Pet CGM which combines both the industry first CGM for pets with the first of its kind patient management portal.

Why invest in ALRT?

We believe diabetes is among the top drivers of healthcare costs, morbidity, and mortality because of two reasons, Clinical Inertia- failure to advance therapy on a timely basis, and patient self-management. We have worked to solve these two issues through first of their kind features such as active patient management, patent pending predictive A1C, FDA cleared insulin dose adjustments, non-insulin therapy advancements, direct meter uploads, data processing, remote care, and more!

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